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Detoxification FAQ

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Most people are aware that detox is part of addiction treatment, but not everyone understands exactly what it is. At Addiction Medicine Consultants, P.C., located in Farmington Hills, we provide detoxification treatment to high-end clients throughout Michigan. You can learn more about us and detox from the answers to frequently asked questions below. If you would prefer to ask our board certified Addiction Medicine specialist questions directly, call (800) 899-4904 to arrange a consultation.

*Medicaid does not provide coverage for this service at this location. Please contact your Medicaid helpline for treatment providers in your area.

  • What is detox?

    Detoxification, in the context of addiction, is the process of removing all traces of the addictive substance from your body. It can take several days to remove the last lingering chemicals from your body.

  • How long does detox take?

    The detoxification process varies depending on a few factors, such as:

    • The drug you were using
    • How often you used it
    • How long you used it
    • Your physical and mental health
    • Whether or not someone else in your family has struggled with addiction

    Generally speaking, it takes roughly a week to remove all traces of a substance from your body, while detoxification as a whole lasts about a month as you deal with withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

  • What is withdrawal?

    Drugs and alcohol stimulate the production of chemicals in your brain that it can already produce on its own. When you take these substances in excess, the brain stops taking the initiative to create these chemicals, making your body dependent on the addictive substance. As a result, if you stop taking these substances, then the body will start to feel side effects. Some of these are merely uncomfortable—such as fever, chills, aches, and pains—while others can be life-threatening.

  • Can I prevent withdrawal?

    You cannot prevent withdrawal symptoms, but you can work with an Addiction Medicine specialist to manage them. It is recommended people detox in a trusted medical detoxification center so they can receive the care and treatment they need as they experience withdrawal.

  • Will detoxification cure my addiction?

    No, detox is not the cure to addiction, but it is a critical step on the road to recovery. Removing a drug from your system does not eliminate the cravings or underlying factors that led you to become addicted in the first place. After detox, you will need to go through therapy and addiction treatment to learn how you can prevent relapse and avoid temptations.

  • Do I have to detox at a detox center?

    Some people choose to detox on their own and have had success, but this is not recommended. Withdrawal is not easy to handle, and it is very easy to give into temptation in an attempt to stop the symptoms. More importantly, withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening in severe cases and you will want a trained medical professional by your side who can intervene if necessary.

    Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that very few people can successfully detox on their own and maintain their addiction recovery. Relapse rates are extremely high in people who choose to detox without professional help.

  • Do I have to stop cold turkey to detox?

    This depends. Some drugs can be stopped right away without worsening the withdrawal symptoms, but in other cases a patient will need to taper off to make the process easier. For example, people addicted to opioids often receive dosages of an artificial opioid called methadone as they wean themselves off the drug. Methadone helps them manage cravings and lessen withdrawal symptoms.

  • Is detoxification private?

    This depends on where you choose to receive detoxification. Some people attend community detox centers where they can share their journey with others. Other people prefer discretion and seek private treatment.

    At Detox Expert, we cater to CEOs, athletes, executives, and other professionals who could face career consequences if they make their addiction public. We provide a private, discreet service where you have direct access to your addiction treatment specialist.

  • Can I receive addiction treatment at Detox Expert?

    No, our service is focused only on detoxification. However, we can provide you with referrals to mental health experts who specialize in the treatment of addiction. We also offer outpatient treatment for conditions that coincide with addiction.

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