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Anti-Craving Medication in Michigan

Detoxification is important to your recovery from addiction, but it is by no means the only step. Do not make the mistake of believing you have beaten addiction just because you finished detoxification. Many people begin to feel invincible after they finished detox and think they do not need further assistance, but that is not how addiction works. Prolonged substance abuse has a powerful impact on the brain, and cravings do not go away even when you have purged the substance from your system.

At Detox Expert, located in Farmington Hills, we provide patients with anti-craving medication during their recovery. Our Addiction Medicine and Family Practice specialist, Dr. Coffman, has extensive experience and success in prescribing a wide variety of anti-craving medication. These medications help people maintain abstinence while their brain continues to recover.

Relapse Prevention

Once you’ve finished detoxification, the last thing you want is to give in to temptation and take an addictive substance again. Relapse is common for recovering addicts and nothing to be ashamed of. It happens, and when it does the important thing to do is admit it to someone and get the help you need. There are many programs built to help people avoid the temptations of relapse. Use these to your advantage for help maintaining abstinence.

Common relapse risk factors include:

  • Failing to receive addiction treatment after detoxification
  • Falling into old patterns that led you to your addiction the first time
  • Keeping the company of people who continue to use the substance you abused
  • Absence of a support community such as family or a support group
  • Believing you have defeated addiction and can take a substance without risk
  • Feelings of depression and anger
  • Feeling like you need to celebrate something but don’t know how

Continuing your rehabilitation after detoxification addresses these and other risk factors so that you have a strategy for addressing them. Dr. Coffman has relationships with many trusted rehabilitation specialists and therapists in Michigan. We can provide you with referrals where you can continue your treatment in private.

*Medicaid does not provide coverage for this service at this location. Please contact your Medicaid helpline for treatment providers in your area.

We’ll help you figure out what to do next once you’ve completed detoxification. Contact Detox Expert today at (800) 899-4904 or use our online form.

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