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Staying Sober in Quarantine

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During unprecedented times such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), alcohol and drug addiction creates challenges for those who are in recovery. Since most of the population is in quarantine/lockdown, recovering addicts are more likely to have a physical dependency with old bad habits due to normal routines shifting to self-isolation and staying at home orders.

Tips for Staying Productive During Quarantine

Hardships during a pandemic can lead to unique challenges in personal relationships, work life, financial status, as well as overall mental and physical health.
We recommend the following tips to make the most out of quarantine, including :

  • Exercising Everyday – Whether you are in a mandatory lockdown or a self-isolation at home, keeping your body physically active is a great way to combat urges of relapsing and will keep your overall health in great shape. Try to keep your body moving as much as you can even if it’s for a short walk outside every morning or afternoon. Remaining active will not only distract you from temptations, but it beats the boredom of sitting at home doing nothing.
  • Finding Support Groups Online/In-Person – Sometimes all we need is someone to talk to when we’re feeling overwhelmed, angry, or worried. Getting in touch with sober support groups, outpatient treatment programs, detox services, therapy, and even hotlines for national addiction and mental health.
  • Create a Schedule – Creating a set schedule and keeping up with good eating habits, a steady sleeping pattern, as well as great oral hygiene practices can all help to improve your overall wellness. The anxieties around isolation are hard to deal with and writing down one’s goals and lists for the day can help you stay on track of a routine, and can ultimately combat poor mental and physical health complications such as depression or anxiety.

Seeking Help

A recovering addict needs to resist thoughts of temptation to alcohol and drugs, and most of these daily activities can actually distract them from using, and in many cases, is seen as an outlet for treatment. It’s no surprise that recovering alcoholics or addicts will begin to go back to their old ways of thinking, especially when they can’t seek help in such an unsure, constant, and changing times.
When the routine of an addict is forced to change, it can cause conflicting factors in their life such as not being able to attend:

  • School or work
  • Therapy appointments
  • Patient support programs
  • Other healthy daily interactions with friends, family, etc.

However, with the right help, mindset, and resources – staying sober in quarantine is possible. At Detox Expert in Farmington Hills, our Board Certified Physician Dr. Eric Coffman can help patients through detoxification services in a discreet and trustworthy environment so you are constantly comfortable and safe.
If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, we are here to help – call our Detox Expert team at (800) 899-4904 today.

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